"Safety System" is founded and operated by women. 

Our mission is to help transportation companies and professional drivers comply with all the FMCSA rules and regulations.  Our goal is to save our clients' money, time and provide optimal most efficient solution to every day issues. 

Olga Zenovieva

"After 8 years in transportation field I experienced this business from various angles. By having my customers approach me on regular basis with issues requiring solutions, I was able to broaden my knowledge and expertise in the field of transportation. With time I  came to realise that it became my passion and someting I have enjoyed greatly."

Agniya Bobrova

"FMCSA regulations are subject to change and it can happen at moment's notice . It is something that companies need to be updated with on regular basis to stay in compliance and avoid fines or limitations they may cause . For me this subject is something of passion and one I enjoy keeping up to date with, as well as sharing my knowledge with my clients. My previous experience in various customer service fields allows me to provide exceptional customer service and an ability to adapt to various customer needs"